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About Us


Hi there!

We are Trio, aka Brad, Krista and Cole, a family of 3 from Saltair B.C. on Vancouver Island.

We love good food and adventure!

Trio’s Truck Extreme Mac and Cheese was established in 2017 from the ground up. Creating everything from our creamy homemade 3 cheese Mac sauce and our unique and delicious menu to designing our colourful Truck ourselves.

We have a lot of fun while working on our Truck serving up delicious Mac and Cheese comfort food. We take pride in the quality of our food and service! You will always be greeted with a smile and a good meal when you eat at Trio’s Truck. 


In the Summer you will find us running our Food Truck at any one of the great B.C. festivals, although we are based on Vancouver Island.

Hospitality is second nature for us and we look forward to meeting you soon! So come on by and say Hi, and enjoy some of our "Secret Recipe" super creamy, cheesy homemade 3 cheese Extreme Mac & Cheese! 2024 will be our 7th year operating Trio's Truck and we don't mind saying, we're pretty good at what we do!

In the Winter when we aren’t serving up our delicious Mac and Cheese you will find us on board our 42' Catamaran sailboat Saltair3 out sailing the World! Currently we are in the gorgeous waters of the sunny Sea of Cortez Baja Mx.

You can also watch all the adventures we've had on YouTube. Just search YouTube for Sailing Trio Travels or catch us on Shaw/Roger's TV Vancouver Island.



Our Food

There are so many yummy things that go with Mac & Cheese and we have come up with some Extreme yummy comfort food combinations. You'll just have to try them all to pick your favourite!

Each dish was created with the ultimate in complimentary flavours using quality ingredients. With our hefty portions, you definitely won't go hungry. 

             Come and get your Mac on!

Extreme Mac & Cheese
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